Available Positions

Postdoctoral Fellows -- Updated December 5th, 2012.

Graduate Student Researchers
If you are interested in becoming a graduate student at Cornell University, visit the Graduate School website or the Graduate Field of Plant Biology website.

Undergraduate Research Projects
Undergraduate positions (for credit or salary) are open in the areas of plant genetics and plant biochemistry. Especially students that are interested in working over the summer are encouraged to apply.

I. Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana

This project involves the genotypic and phenotypic analysis of T-DNA tagged Arabidopsis mutants.

Activities can include:
- Growth of Arabidopsis mutants
- Genotyping of mutants (preparation of genomic DNA, PCR, Southern blotting)
- Phenotyping of mutants (description of mutants, scoring for visible parameters)
- Biochemical analysis of mutants (Western blotting, protein purifications)
- Some bioinformatics (database searching)

II. Proteome analysis of plastids This project involves the biochemical characterization of the plastid proteins using biochemical techniques, such as 1 and 2-dimensional electrophoresis.

Activities can include:
- Purification of plastids from different tissues
- Protein and chlorophyll concentration determinations
- One and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis 
- Western blotting analysis

If you are interested, contact Klaas van Wijk or visit the Cornell University Undergraduate Research Opportunities website for more information.

Klaas Jan van Wijk
Department of Plant Biology, Emerson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca NY 14853