Courses Taught by Dr. van Wijk

Plant Biochemistry BIOPL462 (Spring semester, 3 credits) (Program)
This course is meant for senior undergraduate and graduate students. This lecture is focused on the biochemistry of plant specific processes, including the distribution of metabolic function across the different subcellular locations. The overall objective is to provide students an integrative overview of plant biochemistry. Examples include processes such as photosynthesis, starch metabolism, cell wall biochemistry, pigment biosynthesis and degradation, and amino acid biosynthesis. Genomics-based experimental tools, such as proteomics and metabolomics are discussed, where relevant. Taught jointly with Dr. J. Rose.

Proteomics in (Plant) Biology and Mass spectrometry (BIOPL483-sec 02) (Program)
This course will provide an advanced introduction to proteomics and mass spectrometry and its application in (plant) biology. Covers principles of biological mass spectrometry and interpretation of spectra; bioinformatics tools in proteomics; comparative (quantitative) proteomics; post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions. Emphasis will be placed on practical considerations and selection of strategies. Prior background in biochemistry is advantageous.

Problems in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology BIOPL741
This course is designed to sharpen students' skills in analyzing scientific literature. Each week a different PCMB faculty member and the students discuss questions about assigned scientific papers that represent current topics of interest.

Laboratory in Plant Molecular Biology (Fall)
Includes selected experiments on gene expression, gene transfer, and assay of reporter genes in plants. Emphasizes the application of molecular biology methodology to plant systems. Additional lab time is required to complete assignments.

Coordinator BioPL743 - Faculty Research (Fall)
Introduction for graduate students to the research being conducted by Cornell faculty in the Plant Cell and Molecular Biology Program.

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